Saturday, June 1, 2013

Easy Luau Party Ideas!




We had a last minute graduation Luau last weekend at the house and this is what I came up with in the few days I had to prepare for it.

I have collected many things like trays, glassware, building materials, wood, types of line, etc for a while now and it makes such a huge difference when party planning. You can always use things like trays and vases for building blocks to your themed event. There is so much less stress when you have basic versatile items! Ideally it would be great to have it all organized in some kind of "event" shelf or cabinet, but naturally all of my things are scattered around every corner of the house, so I will be working on a specific area for them later....

To clarify a few things that may look confusing,

1. The Tiki Torches ($4 at Big Lots): I shoved them in some old topiary stands we had and covered the stands with sago palm leaves. I just tied the middle of each palm to the topiary with a green twine and they kind of just sat there at the edge of the pool. Took 5 minutes each and helped to expand the theme to the other side of the backyard. You may want to wear gloves...not that I had any bad experiences or anything.

2. Hanging Flower Fishing Nets $6 (Dollar Tree flowers, 99c Store nets): Basically on the backside of the patio cover I hung nets with small upholstery tacks (why do I even have upholstery tacks?!) and this is the ridiculous part.... I individually sewed on each flower...Took forever but I loved it. I tried other things but nothing looked as great as sewing did. I just did a quick whipstitch but every new flower you have to cut it and restart and UGH! I'd never seen it before and thought it was fun looking, everyone loved it!

3. Surfboard & Hanging Lanterns (My board and $8 of lanterns at Target and 99c store): FISHING LINE FISHING LINE FISHING LINE! My secret weapon for ANYTHING is 60+ pound fishing line! You guys can do whatever you imagine with it. It doesn't clash with anything because its clear but best of all its strong. I hung lanterns over the pool with it attached to a weight on the wall, and tied to a support bridge metal thing inside the gutter on the house. Just make sure its high enough that no one decapitates themselves walking into it, because it is clear!

4. Leis & bamboo in the kitchen ($2 at the 99c Store): SO easy if you have pendant lights above your kitchen counters you can kind of make a "tiki bar" esque thing out of very light materials like bamboo. I've had the bamboo forever, just extended it to the length I needed and tied it in three parts. Then tied it to the pendant light cords! You can probably be more creative with this like adding little signs that say Aloha or whatever.

I hope this possibly inspires you to do a luau, or it deters you from having a luau! Either way I understand, thanks for reading!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

3 Ways To Use An Old Beverage Crate

I love this old Pepsi crate. I have had it ever since I can remember and I've used it for a number of things over the years. It currently resides in my bathroom but I have used it for the photos above before.  

Old wooden crates are very versatile and up to you however you use one if you own one, or find one! On eBay they seem to run between $15-$40.  I found one very similar to mine on eBay for $27. I'm sure you can find one if you dig hard enough at your local antique stores.

I enjoy mixing older pieces in a newer environment. It gives environments more character and charm. It  is easy to go overboard though, as you probably think a Pepsi crate in my bathroom is overboard, which it probably is. I enjoy it though! I'm not in Elle Decor so I think I'll be okay. For summer parties and outdoor use though its a fun and charming piece.

The four sections are great, guests have a special space for their drink, cutlery can be organized for buffet type dinners, and I have 4 usable shelves in my bathroom for additional space. So I do suggest finding one with bigger sections like mine rather than the ones with individual slots for each Pepsi bottle.

Feel free to ask me any questions or give me ideas about how you would use it below in the comments!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~Flower Power~

Here are a few floral elements I put together for Mother's Day. I've never done the first one, but I use that centerpiece a lot. I made it out of wood I took off an old garden palette. I then burned it a little with a creme brûlée torch. I placed ramekins with water inside and did a scotch tape grid on the top of the ramekin so the flowers had little sections. The tape grid makes a BIG difference and removes all frustration of trying to get flowers to stay in one section.

The last two were just simple thrown together things. Both vases were from Target from the last year. The white trophy vase was $5 and the gold studded one was $3. I love Gladiolus because they are tall, gorgeous and inexpensive. Ralph's usually has them when they are in season for $2 a bunch. They add height and color to whatever space they are used in and last a good while if you change the water and cut them right. They are perfect in an entryway!