Friday, February 13, 2015

Lush Life

I picked up a Mint Julips a few months ago and recently tried it again. It definitely does its job as a lip scrub I try and use it at least once a day. The only thing is it kind of freaks me out tasting the sugar scrub because it is filled with dead lip cells so I just wipe it off when I'm done with a wet paper towel..

Sea Spray! Who doesn't love a good sea spray? I have tried so many sea sprays and this one is perfect. I love "Not My Mothers Sea Salt Spray" but it just isn't as build up as well as this Lush one. There have been many times I have gone overboard and had to rewash my hair, but so far I haven't with this one. It gives a light texture and hold but you can build it up without ruining your hair. It also doesn't seem to have as much salt in it if that even makes sense, so in my mind I want to believe it is better for colored hair (which I have). 

Breath of Fresh Air! I love any kind of moisturizing toner and anything in a spray bottle. I actually have been using Mario Badescu Rosewater spray as my moisturizer (I swear by it..), and I have been using this for extra moisture at night. I also spray some onto a cotton ball and go over my face to remove dirt and makeup my cleanser may have left behind. It smells amazing and is so refreshing.

Prince shaving cream has a really thick, frosting-like consistency. It requires a really good rinsing while shaving because it likes to stick to the razor. The issues with this shaving cream are really with the consistency. It doesn't spread around as easily as a foam would, because it is so thick, also like I mentioned the rinsing can be annoying. I also find that I have to use a fair amount more than I would with a foam. The positives however are the formulation. The ingredients feel great on my skin and have totally cut down on razor burn, which is usually get no matter how hard I try to avoid it. This is worth the patience to me!  

xx Patrick

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